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It's all in our own backyard.

Wherever I roam, from a city, to a foreign country or a drive in the countryside, the search for foodie experiences never leaves me. The hunting through farmers markets, supermarkets, road side stalls and artisan county food outlets is truly a favourite hobby and I wish to see them all. Always prepared to try anything and I usually do, this infatuation has lead me to many culinary experiences and bucket list ticks. Problem is, the list never ends, it just keeps growing. So many amazing chefs, producers and passionate foodies out there, the culinary global world just keeps giving.

This ever-growing foodie array has also been on a whirlwind spiral in my own back yard. After a recent trip overseas, this epiphany became ever so true. Traveling around Australia I am always blown away. Inspired and delighted to see that our offerings are as good and often better. The produce in our own Whitsunday back yard is now punching well above its weight.

Arriving in this amazing paradise around 16 years ago, the food scene unless you hit the oceans and waterways didn’t really do it for me. The old Island traders offered some foreign goodies but otherwise Bilo supermarket was the only place. Great for basics but not really my kinda hunting ground. During these times, my holidays and travels were hunting escapades to gather all that wasn’t on offer at home. Every time, the last minute trying to shove as much possible into the suitcase and then generally paying for excess luggage as my need for these amazing ingredients was, well just to…needy.

                                                        Wow how things have changed.

Today we have pretty much all that one could desire, right here, in our own back yard. Amazing butcher, who goes the extra step. Seafood suppliers who source out the best with an ever-changing range. Local fruit and vegetables supplier who is always buying and supporting the local growers and bringing in new delights to tickle my fancy. The east Asian countries being very well represented with the local markets and speciality stores. The fantastic Great Australian food festival, held here every year. Pop up food trucks with ever so tasty delights. Local farmers changing  there crops with the food trends. Oh, my how we have grown.

                                                        For this I wish to say thank you.

Thank you for making the Whitsundays a place I can truly call home and be proud of our ever-evolving foodie scene. The new and existing restaurants showcasing their chef’s talents and giving us more options to try. Our amazing Saturday foreshore market, just forever giving.

The cooking classes I’ve been holding for over a year now, I hope will help to put us on that culinary map and the joy they give me is, well priceless. 

Yes, the Whitsunday’s offers so many options to tick off those bucket list boxes, let's show the world they can add something else to their list.

                                                 Visiting a truly amazing foodie destination