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The missing Irish farls method


A huge thanks to all who came to learn some tricks of the amazing world of flat breads. An apology for the wrong method given for Irish potato farls, potato bread. I have attached the correct recipe below. Make and enjoy. Don’t forget any questions, please ask.

So we didn't get a chance to make this recipe today in the flat bread Masterclass, but I so recommend it. Totally amazing style of bread and so easy to make. Most important key is to get the cooked potato as dry as possible. Lay on paper towel, on tray in the fridge over night or in a colander; either way covered with cling film . Perfect for breakfast, but i also recommend it any time of day. If too wet just add more flour, as I keep saying every ingredient is different. Some potatoes hold more water than others. I would go for a waxy potato, dutch creams, they rock.

Irish Potato Farls (potato bread)


·  4 medium sized, waxy potatoes, approx. 3 cups, full

·   1 ½ tsp salt

·   1tsp ground white pepper

·   ¼ cup plain flour (extra for rolling)

·   Olive oil for cooking

I recommend to taste a little to check the seasoning is right for you.


Firstly, chop potatoes into large pieces, steam these until they are cooked, drain them and let them dry. (Best left overnight refrigerated in a strainer, or on paper towel lined tray)

Mash the potatoes (potato ricer gives the best effect) and mix together with flour, salt, and a pinch of white pepper to form a dough.  Knead this dough well on a floured surface. The dough will be slightly sticky.

Form the dough into a thick, 9inch pancake like shape, cut it into quarters and cook in lightly oiled fry pan for approximately 3 minutes.

Serve warm!

Absolutely beautiful for breakfast. Dough can be made day ahead. You can also flavour with herbs and spices. Let the imagination go wild. So good, trust me!!


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